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Our vision for the Altius Alliance SCITT is to continue to be a centre of excellence for producing outstanding teachers for children aged 11-16. Ofsted judged us Outstanding in all areas in November 2017.

We believe in a holistic approach to teaching and you will access a SEND and Mental Health Course which is delivered by expert practitioners. The content of this course, in addition to the outstanding interactive training sessions on subject pedagogy and professional issues, enhances the rest of your learning.

The SCITT Programme dedicates four days of the week to the development of outstanding classroom practice. You are placed with an experienced Subject Mentor and for the first term are micro managed. You will shadow experienced teachers so that you have a deeper understanding of the wider role of the teacher – form time, duties, meetings and you initially work with the classes that your Subject Mentor teaches and you and your Subject Mentor plan collaboratively with a gradual reversal of roles starting to occur.

Initially you will be taught how to effectively observe best practice. Collaborative observations will occur which will generate quality discussions about what is effective teaching and learning.

Pedagogical input on, for instance: starters and plenaries will be delivered by SLEs/ Subject experts and this will be followed by the Subject Mentor sharing their planning and subsequent delivery of starters and plenaries for you to observe. You will then plan starters and plenaries for your Subject Mentor to deliver whilst you observe critically to see whether your planning was instrumental in providing a hook at the start of the lesson or a steer as to where future learning should go at the end of the lesson. When appropriate, and with true understanding, you will then deliver starters and plenaries whilst receiving formative feedback from your Subject Mentor. Strategies for differentiation and assessment will be addressed and you will be shown how to build these strategies into your day to day planning to meet the varying needs of your students.

National priorities such as Literacy and Phonics, Inclusion and Behaviour Management will be shared through conferences planned and delivered by SLEs, providing discussion with colleagues from different curricular areas.

Throughout there will be subject pedagogy sessions led by SLEs or Subject Leaders that will promote confidence and help to build a repertoire of strategies for Teaching and Learning. Bespoke subject development days may provide opportunities to address and enhance specific areas of subject knowledge that have been identified for further development.

At an appropriate time the course will also support you in your application for teaching posts by helping with CVs and letters of application and by providing mock interviews with practising professionals.

You will be placed in a different school for term two where you will be able to continue planning and teaching but in a different environment. This placement will be personalised according to any future career plans you may have regarding the context you may hope to work in. Continuing professional development still takes place but the main focus of this phase is to put learning into practice. During this time, you will spend a number of days in a sixth form setting to observe strategies used at KS5 if you have not been placed in an 11-18 context.

The final phase of the course usually takes place back at the ‘home’ school where you will consolidate your learning. A menu of activities will be available such as: visits to Special schools / Pupil Referral Units / EAL schools; the opportunity to plan a school trip; to work with specific groups of students such as the more or less able and to ideally commence induction at your place or work, if already appointed by this stage.

The ongoing tasks and assignments lead to a Post Graduate Certificate.

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