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Have you ever sat there and wondered why you are where you are? From the big questions of your choice in college to your nail color, all of our actions have reactions.

Sitting the Friday night before everyone heads to spring break, I was talking with my best friend when he got this twisted look on his face. Upon asking him what that look was, he continued to say, "have you thought about all the circumstances that lead us to where we are today?"

What led us to the 2 a.m. conversation sitting in his fraternity house talking about life? It really made me realize everything in life leads to something else, good or bad.

We became friends because of a high school friend who was a mutual connection and I had an extra ticket to Big Blue Madness. My friend invited him and we became fast friends but never became close. But why weren't we close then?

Was it due to the relationship that lasted too long, or maybe because I chose to stay in on a random Friday night to do homework? Whatever it was, it was for a reason.

Sophomore year rolled around and I had a lot on my mind. I just needed a friend to vent to, then I remembered how great he was to talk to.

I asked him to go for a drive and all of sudden he became one of my closest friends on campus.

We went from talking rarely to face timing about the person we saw trip on the crosswalk, but why?

And I realized every little thing counts. If I hadn't randomly asked him to go on a drive with me and told him about all of my problems that night we would never be where we are today.

Every little action has a reaction, so shouldn't we think about all the reactions that our actions will cause?

Now that would make life complicated, even thinking through if you should take a shower now or five minutes from now causes a reaction.

Instead, focus on the big decisions and see where the little decisions take you. That's the great part of life, we never know whats coming but when the good things come we are extremely grateful.

Part of life is accepting what's not in our control but looking at it there is always one thing in our control.

My dad always told me growing up, "You can't control everything but you can control your reaction to everything."

It's time to let the actions cause the reactions you want, don't let the moments consume you and instead make your reaction cause the action you want.

Take life by the reigns, make the reactions that you want by doing the actions you need.

Good evening everyone,

I have just started to write my first essay since high school. It is very intimidating to me because I do not make it a habit to write very often. I have started the journal, and it seems to help a little. I was wondering if you would please take a look at what I have written so far, and answer a few of the questions I have. I will put my questions at the bottom. I am required to write a descriptive essay about someone who has inspired me, and write about one way they have inspired me.


What does someone do to inspire you? To me, inspiration is the process of instilling faith in someone to motivate him or her to do something. Many people do things simply out of the kindness in their heart, and do not realize they are inspiring others around them.

To me, my husband Dave inspires me the most. He is a very loving and caring person. He gives me the strength in my heart to do whatever I put my mind to. He inspires me to do things by example. He inspires me most when I see how his generosity makes other people feel, and how good it makes him feel because of their reaction. From that example, it makes me want to do something so I can experience the same feeling.

Dave always inspires me to make goals for myself, chase my dreams, and to do things to help others. He volunteers whenever he can. A few of his favorites are Cub Scouts, Drug Awareness Programs, Children's Hospitals, Supporting our Veterans, Community Highway Clean-up, and Habitat for Society. He is also very dedicated to helping his country. He has been in the United States Navy for almost 20 years as a Senior Chief Builder in the Seabees. He will retire soon, but his desire to help our country and community will continue.

It was one rainy evening in particular I will never forget. We were sitting in the living room discussing his plans for a motorcycle run to raise money for the Veterans Hospital in Hampton Virginia. The TV was playing in the background, and our son was sitting at the kitchen table working on his homework. In the middle of our conversation, his cell phone rang. He stepped outside to take the call, and I went to check our son's progress with his homework. When he came back into the house, he did not say a word. He just turned the volume on the TV up, and started to watch the coverage for the upcoming hurricane.

He began to explain the phone call he had just received. It was from his boss in the military. He said if the hurricane were going to be as strong as they think it will be, he would have to leave right away to be there for the disaster recovery. This started to make me worry about what was going to happen to the motorcycle run. We had over 200 people already pre-registered, the t-shirts ordered, the food was being prepared, the permits were in hand, and the police escort had already been set up. I knew this was something Dave was passionate about, and it had to go on.

Suddenly, on August 29, Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf coast. There was severe damage mostly in the cities of Mobile, Alabama, Waveland, Biloxi/Gulfport, Mississippi, and New Orleans. At least 1,836 people lost their lives due to the severe storm surge damage. Dave was ready to go as soon as he heard the news, so he could provide help to those who lost everything.

More than 3,000 U.S. Navy Seabees from all over the United States aided in the hurricane Katrina relief efforts. Hurricane Katrina was so devastating; Dave and his crew volunteered to stay longer, and could not make it back in time for the motorcycle run for the veteran's hospital.

His passion to help his community, and our country inspired me to take over the motorcycle run. I wanted to make a difference in people’s lives just as Dave would have done. He wanted to make life a little easier not only for our veterans in the hospital, but also the people who lost everything due to the hurricane. After a lot of hard work and dedication, it was a very rewarding feeling knowing I could help that day. The motorcycle run was a huge success, and we were able to present them with a check for over five thousand dollars.

Without the inspiration from my husband, and continuing to do things out of the kindness of his heart, I would not have been motivated to do the things I have done. He continues to inspire me to do things everyday, and I would not be the person I am today without him.


1. I am worried about my commas and semi-colon usage. When I listed the things he volunteers for, did I need to use a comma or a semicolon when I said "a few of his favorites are"

2. "He said if the hurricane were going to be as strong as they think it will be, he would have to leave right away to be there for the disaster recovery." Did I use the word were properly?

3. "There was severe damage mostly in the cities of Mobile, Alabama, Waveland, Biloxi/Gulfport, Mississippi, and New Orleans." Did I list the names correctly?

Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your time.


Seabee Sweetie

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