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Facing the Audience - How to Make a Good Public Speaking

Have you ever got nervous when facing the audience? Have you ever been disgrace on the stage? Not everyone can speak agilely in front of the public. In Wikipedia Website said, 'Public speaking is speaking to a group of people in a structured, deliberate manner intended to inform, influence, or entertain the listeners.' Therefore, a good speech should be substantial and engaging. A lot of people are anxious when they are required to make a speech on ceremonious topic because they cannot entertain or influence another. It is quite hard to create an affecting speaking with beneficial information. However, it is nothing impossible if you are firmly attentive. There are three main points which the most orators should concern for making a good public speaking including preparation, body languages, and speaking skills.

The perfect preparation brings on successful delivery which has three steps. Firstly, finding out themes and points on your topic and write them down with sources. You have to interpret what the main idea is and how many points of your title and make a list for your clarified understanding. If you use other sources, you should give them credit by referencing their names. Then, make an outline so that you will understand the structure of your speech. In your outline you should write the introduction, body, and conclusion; you will be clear what you would mention first and lastly. You should rehearse your speech as much as you can before an appointed day. You will know your weakness and ruin it immediately. The more you have practiced, the more you are confident.

The appropriate body languages produce an interesting oration. Eye-contact is the most importance body language which all of speakers would have. Audiences will pay better attention to you if you look at them while you speak. If you are not confident enough, you may think their heads are only turnips and cabbages. Hand gestures are frequently used while you are speaking. You should move your hands sometimes, but not always to cause natural speaking. For example, raise one finger up when you said one, or open wide your hands when you mentioned to all audiences. Do not stand still even you speak on serious topic. The stage belongs to you, utilize it. You should walk around the stage to catch all of audiences. Using body language can help you overcome your nervousness and deliver a better speech.

Without any speaking skills, even the best title of the world can be boring. Good speakers open a speech with a dramatic statement and end with an impression that makes the audiences want to applaud. Do not open like you do not know exactly what you will say, you will be less reliable. Your ending should give useful properties, such as motto or suggestion. Many famous speakers make an excellent rhythm and know when they should pause for audiences' reaction. You should stop for a while to observe agreements or wait for laughing when you have made humours from your audiences. Do not speak too fast or too slow. Lastly, good delivers know which part has to stressed or unstressed for breaking down boring. Imagine you are listening to monotone speech, would you like to sleep? You should speak vitally; your voice and story will be pleasant. No matter what topic you get; good speaking skills make it become fascinating.

Although the advices given above will not turn amateur orators into experts, it will help them speak better in front of the public with more confidence. We must not expect to be the professional on speaking, but we need to express our profitable details to audiences naturally and attractively. Once there was a speaker who had never spoken in front of a lot of people had competed in the Provincial Speech Contest. She had thought she could not do it as well as another student who had brought the victory for the school. She had to prepare and practice speaking skills with appropriate gestures and appearances within four weeks. When the day came, there were many rivals with their qualified speaking who she would compete with. Anyway, her first public speaking, applauses occurred around the hall as soon as she had finished that did not happen to every competitor, and she is me!


Yes, I do remember your fine speech! :-) I am not exactly sure what your teacher means by informative instead of detective style, although I could make an educated guess. The usual way to end an essay is to sum up the major points you have made. You would say something like, "Although a bit of advice will not turn an amateur orator into an expert overnight, remembering a few important steps can make a big improvement. Making an outline, using appropriate body language and eye contact, creating a dramatic opening and ending with a memorable motto or suggestion will make a speech on any topic stand out. In short, it is not what you say but how you say it!"

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Fear of public speaking Essay

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Your chest is tight and you feel like you’re on fire. Your chest is tight ant you’re burning up. The flash cards in your hands are crumpled from you squeezing them obsessively. You look up and see dozens of eyes staring at you, waiting expectantly. Taking a deep breath, you stumble through the speech. When it’s finally over, you practically run back to your seat, cheeks flaming bright red. You slump down, already dreading the next time you’ll have to deal with your upmost fear: public speaking. For as long as I can remember, public speaking has always been one of my greatest weaknesses. Whether it’s a simple in-class presentation or a speech in front of an auditorium filled with people, I can barely get my words out from the anxiety and…show more content…

I used the search engine Google with the search term “public speaking fear” and it brought up a great deal of interesting websites pertaining to public speaking. The first one I decided to peruse was 5 Tips to Reduce the Fear of Public Speaking on Psychology Today’s website. I learned that public speaking is the number one fear in America, while the fear of death is second in line. This means that we’re more afraid of speaking in public than we are of dying. I also learned five tips on how to reduce public speaking nervousness.
The first one was ‘Don’t Expect Perfection from Yourself.’ No one is perfect but when it comes time to speak in public, some of us pick at every little flaw we think we make. We blow up our imperfections yet ignore the good things. Honestly, though, even the greatest and most experience public speakers can make a lot of mistakes. The difference is, when they do, they’re able to gracefully recover and keep going as if nothing happened. That’s one of the keys to success: keep going gracefully. Most of the time, the audience won’t notice most of your mistakes unless you make them obvious by stopping your speech, breaking down and admitting your mistakes. You just have to carry through with poise and let yourself not be perfect.
The second tip was ‘Avoid Equating Public Speaking to Your Self-Worth.’ Basically, if you’re a successful professional who’s worked hard for where they are in life right now, you

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