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Speech by Christine Lagarde – the first woman Finance Minister of a G8 country and head of IMF. Women contribute far less than 50% of per capita income in most countries. They don’t contribute their true potential. Women can be liberated with 3 Ls of empowerment – Learning, Labour and Leadership.


is the foundation upon which any change is built. Learning helps women to liberate themselves and to help each other. There is an African proverb which says: ‘If you educate a boy, you train a man. If you educate a girl, you train a village.’


helps women to develop and achieve their true potential. But in fact women get stuck in low-paying, low-status, low-security jobs. Women should get ‘equal pay for equal work’. We must change property and inheritance laws that discriminate against women. The governments should implement policies that improve education and healthcare. Women should also get easy access to loans so that they can enjoy economic independence.


roles help women to rise and develop their abilities and talents. Women are capable of making good decisions because they are compassionate and inclusive by nature, and focus on long-term goals. Women do not have the confidence according to their abilities. They should come forward and be ready to take risks and ‘dare the difference’. We should create a world where all women can live according to their true potential.

 Any Woman

Katharine Tynan Any Woman, by Irish poet Katharine Tynan, is a celebration of the all-inclusive and selfless love of mothers. The speaker of the poem is a mother who expresses her sentiments on her role in holding the family together. She considers herself equivalent to the pillars of the house and the keystone of the arch which hold the roof and walls of the house in place. The ‘house’ is the central metaphor of the poem representing the family in every aspect. She is the fire on the hearth which gives warmth to the family and the sun that gives warmth and light to the earth. The earth would turn dark, cold and lifeless without the sun. Similarly, the family wouldn’t survive without the love and care of the mother. For the children of the house, the mother is ‘their light of love alive’, the ‘sacred ring’ that protects them and the ‘knot of love’ that binds them together in safety. The mother’s attention and care reaches every corner of the house from the floor to roof. She decorates the walls, arranges food on the board, spins the curtains and shakes the bed for the children to sleep in. She is the wall that protects them and the door that keeps out wind and snow. The poem ends with a touching prayer to God to prolong her life until her children grow up. The prayer is addressed to ‘Thou whom a woman laid in a manger’, which is a reference to Jesus Christ. The poet’s message is clear. A woman’s role becomes indispensable even to the Birth of Jesus Christ. She is confident that it is her love and care which perpetuate life on earth. The poem abounds in metaphors like ‘pillars’, ‘the keystone of the arch’ and ‘knot of love’. All these metaphors are pointers to the complex nature of maternal love. The metaphor of ‘sacred ring’ is deliberately used to indicate the holiness associated with marriage vows and subsequent bondage with which the children are fastened to the family. The ring is in the form of a circle which symbolizes wholeness, unity, perfection, permanence and peace. The expression ‘wind and snow’ is another exquisite metaphor which stands for the crises affecting the family. The tone of the poem is serious, sober and solemn. In conclusion, the poem deals with a relevant theme and conveys a powerful message. It carries an optimistic mood and a serious tone. The abundant use of poetic devices reinforces the theme and message of the poem.


 Ashapurna Debi

“Matchbox”, written by Jnanpith award winning Bengali writer Ashapurna Debi, tells the story of a married couple. It reveals the unhealthy marital relationships arising out of gender bias existing in most Indian families.

Sample Theme Essay on "Amigo Brothers"

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SAMPLE ESSAY ON THEME “The Amigo Brothers,” written by Piri Thomas, is a story about a special friendship between two boys. Antonio and Felix, two seventeen year old boys, have grown up together and are very close to one another. They do almost everything together. They both dream of a future in which they will be the lightweight champions of the world, and together they help each other train regularly. Then a time comes when their friendship is threatened because for the first time ever, they have to compete against one another in a match. In the end, however, their relationship survives because both boys value their friendship above their ambitions. Through the words, thoughts, and actions of Antonio and Felix, the author expresses the…show more content…

Felix, too, tries to block out his thoughts and feelings about Antonio, but while he is sitting in a movie theater, his thoughts are so much with Antonio that he keeps imagining Antonio’s face on the movie screen while he, Felix, is punching him out. Both boys are unable to stop thinking about protecting the other because their relationship is so important to them. Here, again Piri uses the boys to testify to the value of friendship. Finally, the story’s theme is relayed through the final actions of the boys. During the fight, both are focused on winning the match. Each attacks the other with full force. The fight becomes so violent that the referee has to pull them apart. After cold water is poured on both of them, they start to come back to reality. When they realize what has happened to them, they rush toward each other and hug. Afterwards, the bell rings to announce the winner of the fight, but when the announcer looks around to identify the victor, no one is there. The boys leave the ring “arm in arm.” The reason they leave is that they realize that winning is not what is most important to them. What they really care about is their friendship. Piri finalizes his theme through the ultimate actions of the boys. In conclusion, the boys’ choice to leave

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