Biob34 Assignment Management

Our system keeps every detail of every assignee in one spot, including: assignment demographics, financial details, key dates, addresses, dependents, contacts, documents and HR indicative data. And because it can seamlessly interface with your internal HRIS, finance, and talent management systems, the data stays current and there’s no need for duplicate entry and management. 


The software modules are unified so initiating a move systematically triggers the generation of one or multiple cost estimates, the employee record, the assignment record, the initiation/pre-departure checklist, and a notification to the correct end-user that a new assignment is waiting for their review.  All of this occurs within minutes of clicking the “Submit” button. 


Many tasks can also be automated within the workflow, including the creation of documents - such as the offer letter.  


Role-based access allows assignees, HR, finance, payroll and vendors to access pertinent data as well.  Assignees can submit expense reports directly, view payroll information, see current and historical balance sheets and access all of their personal information.  Integrating different user groups into the software enhances self-service, and allows specific access to the information those users need. A full history of the changes is always viewable to ensure accuracy.

Assignment Management

The Assignment Management framework we provide to manage your Global Mobility programme will be set up to meet the exact needs of your business, giving you peace of mind, expert advice and consultative support whenever and wherever you might need it.

Our Consultants project-manage every assignment as a single point of coordination from pre-assessment right through to repatriation, so your relocating employees have executive support from somebody that knows their case, their circumstances and their preferences inside out.

What you can expect from Sterling’s Assignment Management service:

  • Clear and comprehensive policy briefings for your assignees and their family, with a review of their allowances, helping to set expectations from day one.
  • True partnership with your Global Mobility teams to forecast assignment costs, support the delivery of all associated services and coordinate any third party providers involved in your programme.
  • Quality assurance, managing assignee feedback and exceptions to policy.
  • Proactive communication with your assignees, to ensure that their on-going global mobility needs are being met.
  • Insight and advice, reviewing your programme and analysing trends to address any developing requirements or changes to ensure continuous success

Additional support includes Cost Projections, Balance Sheet Preparation, Assignment Letter design and creation, payroll coordination and more.

For more information about our Assignment Management service, or any other services including Expense Management, Policy Consultation and Moving Services, contact Sterling today.

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