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Emotional marketing – and Lovemarks specifically – have given rise to a number of full-length academic works. Below is a sampling of some notable treatises on consumer psychology, emotional marketing and Lovemarks.

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Senses and Sensibility: A Human-Centred Branding Strategy

December 3, 2014 | Brenda Saris-Brandon | Auckland University of Technology | New Zealand

This Master’s thesis looks at human-centred branding and the role of the senses in a study of “the social and cultural meanings consumers attach to brands and branding within the art, science and technology continuum”.

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The Greatest Love Stories Between Consumers and Brands – A Study of Brand Love

November 5, 2012 | Lysbet De Boer & Orkun Eti | Lund University | Sweden

This Master’s thesis looks at Lovemarks theory and analyzes consumer stories to obtain insight on the drivers behind brand love. It also uses the photo elicitation technique to “evoke feelings, stories, and memories in order to provide a new perspective on the theory of brand love”.

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Brand Love: Amor En Las Marcas De Servicios En Chile

October 30, 2012 | Sofia Olguin Garcia & Maria Fernanda Zamorano Sariego | Universidad de Chile (2011) | Chile

This thesis in Spanish from the University of Chile looks at the concept of brand love in Chile and tests the existence of brand love in regard to Chilean services. “It was determined that the love of brands is strongly influenced by a sense of belonging to a community and for consumers to identify that particular brand.”

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Love of Brand: A Story of an On-going Romance

September 18, 2012 | Berivan Amin & Danielsson Malin | Kristianstad University | Sweden

This Bachelor’s thesis from Kristianstad University, Sweden, investigates consumer perspectives on Lovemarks by looking at the language that people use when talking about luxury brands.

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An Examination of How Product Involvement Affects Brand Loyalty

December 6, 2011 | Nigel Douglas | Auckland University of Technology | New Zealand

This Master’s thesis studies the affects of product involvement on brand loyalty for cars and batteries. The research tested “factors for regression correlations to identify links between pleasure, sign and risk probability and brand loyalty for cars and interest/pleasure, sign, risk probability and risk importance for batteries.”

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The Secret of Love: A Case of Lovemarks

August 1, 2011 | Elnaz Esmailzadeh, Seda Meral & Hayriye Begüm Agilonu | Lund University | Sweden

This Master’s thesis from Lund University aims to provide a better understanding of the love that consumers have for brands and identify the essential factors brands need in order to be loved. An iterative approach was taken in this qualitative study.

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The Adoption of Emotional Branding Dimensions

July 3, 2011 | Pin-Hsuan Huang | Universiteit Maastricht | Netherlands

“If emotional branding drives consumers to behave in a certain way psychologically, how exactly does it do that?” This is the question posed by Pin-Hsuan Huang in a Master’s thesis submitted to the Universiteit Maastricht Faculty of Economics and Business Administration.

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