Hohfeld Fundamental Legal Conceptions As Applied In Judicial Reasoning And Other Legal Essays


The present discussion, while intended to be intrinsically complete
so far as intelligent and convenient perusal is concerned,
represents, as originally planned, a continuation of an article
which appeared under the same title more than three years ago.
It therefore seems desirable to indicate, in very general form,
the scope and purpose of the latter. The main divisions were
entitled: Legal Conceptions Contrasted with Non-legal Conceptions;
Operative Facts Contrasted with Evidential Facts; and
Fundamental Jural Relations Contrasted with One Another. The
jural relations analyzed and discussed under the last subtitle were,
at the outset, grouped in a convenient "scheme of opposites and
correlatives"; and it will greatly facilitate the presentation of
the matters to be hereafter considered if that scheme be reproduced
at the present point:

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Hohfeld, Wesley N., "Fundamental Legal Conceptions as Applied in Judicial Reasoning" (1917). Faculty Scholarship Series. 4378.

Fundamental Legal Conceptions as Applied in Judicial Reasoning...

Hohfeld, Wesley; Walter Wheeler Cook; Arthur Co

Hohfeld, Wesley. Fundamental Legal Conceptions as Applied in Judicial Reasoning. Edited by Walter Wheeler Cook, with a New Foreword by Arthur L. Corbin. Originally published: New Haven: Yale University Press, 1964. xv, 114 pp. Reprinted 2000, 2010 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. ISBN-13: 9781584771623; ISBN-10: 1584771623. Hardcover. New. $21.95 * This edition is distinguished by the foreword by Arthur L. Corbin, author of the renowned Corbin on Contracts. Since his death Hohfeld's essays on the concepts of right and duty have been increasingly recognized for their significance as a foundation of thought on analytical jurisprudence. Posthumously collected and published by Yale University Press in 1964, the essays were originally published as two articles in the Yale Law Journal in 1913 and 1917 and are "...now a standard part of legal thinking." Walker, Oxford Companion to Law 575.

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