Essays On Year Round Schools

  • Give kids a break

    Kids need freedom. Summer is that freedom, and I know this because I'm a 5th grader. Everybody I know counts on summer as a reliever, and I do too. We need to let kids live their lives to the fullest and run around while they still can. With all those breaks kids will start slacking off. I mean, do you REALLY think that kids will actually study over that one week off? School IS an important part of life, but year-round school is NOT a good idea. Now, longer school days wouldn't be so bad...

  • Year-round schooling is the wrong choice for our students!

    Throughout America, many school administrations have been trying to decide whether or not to keep schools open all year round. This conception would not have a positive outcome because businesses and people would lose money and jobs, summer camps are available for those who need it, and it would cost more money to run the schools.

  • School is a waste of our time, if we go all year with it, it is 7 hours of nothing but making our brains explode.

    We have so much stuff to do in the summer. Camps, family vacations, and also our brains would be fried like fries and or chicken. You can get sick when you're in school more than in the summer.
    The one thing that confuses me is that summer school is what you can do in the summer if you want to go year round for school.

  • No, children need breaks from school!

    Its stupid! Kids need breaks from school because they need to have breaks. Children often suffer from depression because they are stressed from to much work at school. I am a middle school student and I am overwhelmed with work and need a break! Kids in my classes are crying because of this so in my opinion, I would say NO TO YEAR ROUND SCHOOL! Also I am doing a argumentative essay about this so yeah!

  • Depression & Suicide Rate would Increase

    Let's face it. As it is, even with all these breaks and vacations, many students are killing themselves every day. They just can't handle the stress. Now just imagine year-round schooling. Many more kids would kill themselves due to depression and stress. And even if they don't, many kids will turn to drugs and/or alcohol. In conclusion, if there were year round schooling, we would be having many more dead students.

  • This is retarded.

    It is retarded. We need a break from all the pressure and stress, from all the homework and the bullying! Lots of students give their teachers a hard time, so breaks are good for teachers, too (unless there's some secret thing I don't know about). Year-round school gives everyone stress, including students, teachers, secretaries, the nurse, vice principal, and the principal.

  • No for many reasons.

    There should not be year-round school. For one thing, vacation is going to be harder to go on, especially places that are only open during summer like some amusement parks. Also no one wants to go to the beach during winter. You couldn't really get a summer job. Plus, many people are already accustomed to the school schedule. Changing it would cause confusion and stress.

  • Conflict with work

    It is important for teenagers to work during the summer to make money for themselves. With a year-round schedule, work hours are limited due to child labor laws. Although year-round offers longer breaks after each semester/quarter, teens wouldn't want to spend their vacation time working. Instead, they'd like to rest.

  • I will not stand for year round school!

    I am in middle school myself and I find that the breaks give us time to be with family and friends. Without summer break we couldnt hang with friends, go on vacation, and many, many more. Year long schools with different time changes can keep me from baby sitting, going on vacation, and playing with my 2 brothers. Where I live, in summer the arriving black out from heat is 15, every 2 months, and think, stuck in school, no air conditioning, and the heat burning your skin, making your eyes feel like there melting, Having to stay in school to learn, and the black outs are usually in the morning! With heat frying your brain and being unable to baby sit; I say no to year round schools.

  • Unlike teachers, kids have lives.

    Kids do things after school that may not be important to teachers, but are to the students! Also kids can get confused with all that work sticking and jammed in their brain. Yes some teachers do have lives but kids need to have a vacation from school, because if they needed to attend a funeral or wedding, but they couldn't because all year round school.

  • I.Introduction

    a.Attention Getter – Reviewing for weeks when a new year of school starts. You forget what you’ve learned the past year. b.Link- With year round school, you wouldn’t have that problem. c.Thesis Statement –

    II.Narration –

    a.Year round school, some of you may not know what it is or what its purpose is. Year round school was established in the 1800’s. The purpose of year round school is to have evenly distributed school days throughout the year for students not to forget what they’ve learned.


    a.Argument One – First of all, I for one, is favoring in year round school. According to Ebsco host, “Year-Round schooling”, academic wise, year round school students have prone to do better than Traditional Calendar students. Some studies have found that during summer, learning loss is a real problem. With Year round school students wouldn’t have that problem.

    With a shorter summer break, students wouldn’t have to spend that much time in beginning of a new school year reviewing. Year round school calendars are much more different, you have a 45/15 model or others have a 60/20 model. Where students and teachers go to school for 45 days or 60 days then get 15 days off or 20 days off, depending on the model the school chooses.

    b.Argument Two – Secondly, with the many breaks that come during the school year, families will have more opportunities to go on more vacations instead of having one per year. According to, “Year-Round School Pros and Cons” many families do appreciate having more vacations throughout the year.

    c.Argument Three –According to “Research Spotlight on Year-Round Education, remediation can occur when it is most needed, for instance during the school year instead of the summer. Students who do good in school, and get the help that they need, won’t need to work to pay for college. They can work hard for scholarships instead of going to work and save money for college.

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