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[Federal Register Volume 67, Number 86 (Friday, May 3, 2002)] [Notices] [Pages 24932-25567] From the Federal Register Online via the Government Printing Office [www.gpo.gov] [FR Doc No: X02-220503] MTC-00007630 From: Rodney Haas To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 10:56pm Subject: Microsoft Settlement To whom this may concern, Frankly I cannot believe this lawsuit lasted this long. There is no question that an excessive and unfair settlement will further destroy the software business. Microsoft has been the driving force for bringing the price of both software and hardware down. Microsoft not only has not hurt the consumer, but has radically helped. You only need to look @ apple as a comparison. Apple has indeed harmed the consumer with unreasonably high prices. Apple has clearly harmed innovation except for the chosen few. Microsoft has in fact had open and published interfaces to their software for years. I have used this interface many times to extend my vertical market applications. This has allowed me to add massive power to my applications without having to charge my clients. In closing I would highly suggest that you focus your energy on something else. While some of Microsoft's competitors have been hurt, must are far to large to even qualify under the monopoly protections. Companies like Netscape were clearly not hurt selling for more than 4 billion dollars. Many other companies that have gone away, have done so because of bad UI, marketing and faulty feature sets. Rodney Haas [email protected][email protected] MTC-00007631 From: Beckers To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 10:56pm Subject: Microsoft Settlement Dear DOJ et al: Please help stop the feeding frenzy at Microsoft and consumers' expense. Microsoft delivers fairly sophisticated products at reasonable prices, and do not manufacture hardware other than basic peripherals such as keyboards. We need them creating superior products to help balance our trade deficit. Instead, you might want to investigate ``proprietary'' software products by companies who really want to prevent the establishment of industry standards and protocols. Rick Becker California, USA MTC-00007632 From: Richard Paietta To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 10:57pm Subject: The Settlement Dear Sirs: This suit should have never been undertaken in the first place. It was done by the previous administration for the benefit of Microsoft's competition. At no time was the public hurt or at issue in this case. This action has cost the taxpayers millions of dollars for the benefit of a few (e.g. AOL, Sun, Etc). Not only has this cost the American taxpayer in dollars that could have been spent elsewhere it has cause the present downturn in our economy. DOJ was right in settling the issue and the remaining 9 states that are home to Microsoft's competition should be forced to settle. This was a case of bad law and the legal system showing its worst side. There is no excuse for the Federal Government having to act as the protector of Microsoft's competition. The law was put on the books for the protection of the public. The market place in a free economy determines who stays in business and who does not. This suit has also cost many of us who have invested in Microsoft for their retirement. What do you intend to do to help, since this has cost many large sums of their retirement investments. Settle the case and ask to judge to force a resolution with the hold out states. It is time that DOJ corrected the mistakes of the past administration. Richard L. Paietta [email protected] MTC-00007633 From: [email protected]@inetgw To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 10:57pm Subject: Microsoft Settlement Please settle with Microsoft and end this litigation. The settlement is fair and reasonable to all parties. It will be good for the economy. Thank you. Marge Ferrari, 135 Westwood Drive, Novato, CA 94945 MTC-00007634 From: [email protected]@inetgw To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 10:58pm Subject: microsoft settlement Please settle this case ASAP. I am very tired of disgruntled companies who are not capable of competing on their own trying to use the courts to further their position in the world of tough competition. I thought capitalism is what made us a free enterprise nation, and competition is what enables the best of the best to help build this country on a world wide basis. I still do not understand why the previous administration wanted to punish a remarkable company like Microsoft. Let's get on with life, stop wasting taxpayers money and let the best companies win. That's what it is all about. Michael D. Arndt MTC-00007635 From: Jerome Montez To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 10:59pm Subject: Settlement My opinon on this case is leave private enterprizes alone the goverment should stay out of it all they manage to do is drive up prices for the consumer MTC-00007636 From: [email protected]@inetgw To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 10:59pm Subject: Microsoft Settlement I think the Microsoft settlement is appropriate and should be enacted. Ethel Gardner 175 e. 74 st. New York, N.Y. MTC-00007637 From: Marx Heller To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 10:58pm Subject: Microsoft Settlement I would like to know who determined that the break up of Microsoft would be in the consumers best interest. I would bet it came from a disgruntled competitor like Netscape. Surely it could not have come from the same people that thought that breaking up AT&T was good for the consumer. I feel that to penalize Microsoft for continuing to develop new technology is wrong. It sends a message to others that may want to develop and market a product, that if they get too big or too popular and the competition can no longer provide an equal quality product for a competitive price, that someone well sue them and try to destroy what they have done. If I am successful, the government will take away that success. Enough is enough! Why is it that the courts have recommended a settlement and Microsoft has agreed to it, that their are still those that oppose that settlement. They seem intent on destroying Microsoft. How much do those people give back to the people responsible for their success? How much do they give to charity? How much? I feel that if Microsoft continues to come under assault, that the inevitable result will be less new innovation and new technology and higher prices to pay for it. I am sorry, but my idea of the American Way is not to Pay more for less! Marx Heller Williamstown NJ [email protected] I VOTE!! MTC-00007638 From: Zelia Compton To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 10:59pm Subject: Microsoft Settlement Please settle now. MTC-00007639 From: [email protected]@inetgw To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:00pm Subject: Settlement In all of this litagation, I have never seen one consumer come forward and actually state that the packages that Microsoft bundled together hurt them. I for one am glad Microsoft put these programs together on my computer. If I would have had to go out and purchase these programs separately, I probably would not have a computer today. Thank You; [email protected] MTC-00007640 From: [email protected]@inetgw To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:00pm Subject: Microsoft Settlement I am a middle class worker, saving for retirement...with a fair amount of Microsoft stock in my portfolio. Ever since the Reno/ Clinton ``Justice'' Department abused Microsoft through the courts, I have had my retirement portfolio abused also. The settlement has been accepted by DOJ and Microsoft, our nation's economy has already [[Page 24933]] taken enough hits, let Microsoft and the American economy serve our interests by growth and innovation. We have gotten rid of Reno/ Clinton, now let's get rid of the droppings they afflicted us with. END THIS NOW!! Sincerely, Kevin Smith MTC-00007641 From: Robert Heffner To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 10:59pm Subject: Microsoft Settlement Dear DOJ: I am writing to urge settlement of the Microsoft antitrust case now. I have personally benefited enormously in my work from the greater efficiency of Microsoft products, particularly the standardization of the PC platform. Although I am not a lawyer, I believe that this was a dubious case from the beginning, pushed by Microsoft competitors who had been soundly trounced in the marketplace. Ending this case now, when our country is struggling to regain economic growth, is in the best interest of our nation's international competitive posture, and, hence, very much in the public interest. Thank you. Robert H. Heffner MTC-00007642 From: [email protected]@inetgw To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:01pm Subject: Microsoft Settlement It is time to stop harrassing US business. There is no harm to the public by completing the Microsoft settlement now. To the contrary there is more harm to consumers and America to keep up the battle to assist a few of the competors. MTC-00007643 From: [email protected]@inetgw To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:01pm Subject: Microsoft settlement PLEASE settle this lawsuit with Microsoft with no further litigation. It has gone on long enough for a company that I feel has follwed the path that the strength of this country was built on. They started from nothing and built it into a very successful company. If other companies can't compete then they shouldn't be crybabies, but find a different product or become better competitors without running to the fed gov to solve their problems. Bill Linker PS: this is the first time I have tried to make my voice heard but I feel strongly enough about this to respond. MTC-00007644 From: [email protected]@inetgw To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:02pm Subject: MICROSOFT SETTLEMENT DEPARTMENT OF JUSTICE, I urge you to proceed and complete the Microsoft settlement during the first quarter of 2002. This long standing settlement need to be resolved NOW. I also urge you to accept Microsoft's offer to supply computer equipment to our school system and NOT cash. The use of additional cash in our schools will not improve the level of education of our children--computers will. I am suspicious of the motives of our administrators that the cash may be used for their own pet projects and wage increases. I don't trust the integrity of our school administrators. Throwing $$$ at the education system will not improved the education level of our children, it hasn't in the past i.e., lottery etc. Regards, Roy Tweedie MTC-00007645 From: [email protected]@inetgw To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:03pm Subject: microsoft settlement microsoft never did anything wrong...in business you deserve what you invent and earn from that invention! MTC-00007646 From: larry novak To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:03pm Subject: Enough already, callit quits Dear Sirs' Enough of this wasting the tax payers money, so that a few lawyers can make a killing of a bigger settlement. The settlement is fair ---end it all. Thank you Lawrence Novak MTC-00007647 From: Candace Hawthorne To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:06pm Subject: Microsoft Settlement Dear Atty. General Ashcroft, I am writing to commend the DOJ in it's wise settlement with Microsoft. I feel this needs to be wrapped up and completed and quickly as possible for the sake of the technology sector, our economy and Microsoft to restore the status quo. If it is at all possible for the DOJ to intervene with the nine states still pursuing further remedies of Microsoft that would also be supported. Without Microsoft we would not have as a tool in every home the PC, we never would have had the ease of use we have as well. I feel it is a HUGE mistake to a country to go after it's crown jewel. Happy New Year. Sincerely, Candace Hawthorne Metairie, LA 70001 MTC-00007648 From: Rose Rothe To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 10:58pm Subject: Settlement Enough is enough. Let this case be settled now. This company has done more for the American economy and for all us who are computer folks. If it were not for Microsoft, we would not be where we are now. It takes people who are innovative and visonaries to bring forth products as Microsoft has brought to the world. Again, please put an end to this case without damaging this inovative, visionary company. Rose and Dietmar Rothe Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA [email protected] MTC-00007649 From: [email protected]@inetgw To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:06pm Subject: Microsoft Settlement I firmly believe that the DOJ should put the Microsoft litigation behind us. Microsoft has continually produced an excellent product with each new release better than its previous software and generally at lower prices. Microsoft has done this while incurring substantial costs associated with litigation and settlements. As a user I have never been forced to use Microsoft software, I have always had available to me a multiplicity of software to choose from and have selected support software based upon capability and support. I implore DOJ to let Microsoft get on with its primary business. From a user's point of view they have never been a monopoly as alternatives were always available to me, Microsoft was just a cause which the Janet Reno DOJ used to keep people from asking why some other more pertinent issues were not being investigated. Sincerely Dr. L. Kreuter MTC-00007650 From: pernoid To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:08pm Subject: MICROSOFT SETTLEMENT The Microsoft settlement reached by the Court Of Appeals should stand & be the final end of the Microsoft litigation. This will definitely be in the interest of consumers, the industry and the American economy. Glory Perno MTC-00007651 From: Borden Nettles To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:09pm Subject: Microsoft Please move on to productive work and get out of Microsoft business. I have been ashamed of our government in this case because I believe the entire lawsuit was based on political motives rather than the law. I further believe the USDOJ action and the resulting media coverage in this case has in part been responsible for reduced confidence in the stock market. Thank you for recording my opinion. I am Borden Nettles Franklin, TN 37067 MTC-00007652 From: Charles H Caplan To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:10pm Subject: Microsoft settlement Let's get this over with. Approve it as it stands and let's get on with business. Charles H Caplan Bellevue, WA MTC-00007653 From: [email protected]@inetgw To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:10pm Subject: Microsoft Case I want to applaud the Federal Government's settlement of the Microsoft [[Page 24934]] case and hope that the agreement willbe accepted by the Fed and the States. Please use this as one vote to continue on the path that has been proposed and let Microsoft get on with business. It is my opinion that the competitors of Microsoft have continued stir the pot and to encourage the remaining states that have not settled to ask for more limitations. The continued litigation that these remaining groups are attempting is causing confusion over Windows development for both third party developers and users of Windows. Wasn't the example of the IBM case where billions were wasted in trying to limit the size and power of a wealthy Corporation enough to show that the market place will do in time what will be done without Govt. Intervention? It seems that this is a case of State Government attempting to squeeze a successful Corporation for funds because the source of their usual funding (Sales Tax) is drying up. What possible good can the States litigation do for the consumers? The Clinton Administration's insistence of following through with this litigation has cost Technical stockholders a considerable amount in share prices over the life of the litigation. Additionally, the cost of the actual litigation has had to be a very costly drain on Federal Govt and Microsoft's resources. It would seem that this effort would be better spent getting bad guys rather than chasing one of our star Corporations in the Technical world. Now to have the States trying to squeeze more from Microsoft is only depressing the Tech market and innovation even more. Please curb the Antitrust Division and stop these unnecessary probes of our successful Corporations such as IBM, Microsoft, Intel, AOL, Cisco and AT&T. Govt. should not be creating problems for our leading Tech Corporations that have put America in the leading position in the Information Processing Industry. MTC-00007654 From: Greg Sprinkle To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:11pm Subject: Microsoft Settlement Renata B. Hesse Antitrust Division U.S. Department of Justice 601 D Street NW Suite 1200 Washington, DC 20530-0001 Subject: Comments on the Proposed Settlement--Microsoft vs USA For the public record: As someone intimately familiar with computing in general and the computer industry as a whole, I have witnessed firsthand the adverse effects of Microsoft's monopolistic business practices and their devastating effects on consumers. In the last year alone, the computing public has lost one of the most promising consumer orientated desktop operating systems to come along in the last ten years, namely BeOS. BeOS had technology that simplified the computing experience for the average consumer, while at the same time had technology that was vastly superior to what is available under the Windows operating systems. The single most reason that BeOS could not succeed in the market, is the absolute death grip Microsoft has on OEM's and total control of the boot loader process. As a consumer of computer software and a concerned citizen of the United States, I have a real problem with the proposed settlement. I cannot see how the proposed settlement even pretends to remedy the antitrust violations for which Microsoft has been found guilty. The proposed settlement contains no penalties-- monetarily or otherwise. None! It does not nothing to provide further competition or halt Microsoft's continuing maintenance of their monopoly of desktop operating systems. Perhaps the most disturbing part of the proposed settlement is the provision for Microsoft to determine who their competition actually is in regards to revealing API's and source code. While I believe the initial pursuit to break up the company was the best course of action, I would be willing to accept the alternatives being put forth by the nine states who have refused to endorse the proposed settlement. To add, the barest minimum of remedies possible should include the following features: *Any remedy seeking to prevent an extension of Microsoft's monopoly must place Microsoft products as extra-cost options in the purchase of new computers. [Consumers who do not wish to purchase Microsoft products are not forced to do so]. *Prices of Microsoft products through OEM's must mirror those same products in the retail channel so that products can compete on merit and not price alone. [Consumers must have a choice in competing office suite products at similar prices]. *In addition to opening the Windows application program interface [API's], the specifications of Microsoft's present and future document file formats must be made public, so that documents created in Microsoft applications may be read by programs from other makers, on Microsoft's or other operating systems. [No consumer or organization must choose Microsoft products based on proprietary file formats or falsely perceived standards]. *Any and all Microsoft networking protocols must be published in full and approved by an independent network protocol body. Furthermore, the controlling body should be a government agency such as the National Bureau of Standards and should apply to the industry as a whole. [All protocols must be available through an ``open source'' method of development with a small number of comitters to fix bugs and plug security leaks]. *Microsoft must be made to realize that other operating systems have the right to exist and they shall do nothing to erase any or all entries in the master boot record. [Microsoft operating systems shall include utility software to enable dual booting of other operating systems when detected on computer hard drives--not just their own]. The proposed settlement seems to have been made in haste and in light of of the attacks of September 11th with little or no thought for the long range implications--for the economy or national security. Many have accused the DOJ of a ``sellout'', but my opinion is that they are seeking a quick fix in order to revitalize economic growth. In a study released a year ago by the highly respected Center for Strategic and International Studies, Microsoft's operating systems actually poses a national security risk. Open source advocates have made a compelling case that prove publicly available and open programs, protocols and file formats are much more secure. We are a nation of computers, networks and a vast dependence on technology and as such, are a prime target for cyber terrorism attacks of untold proportions. I believe we, as a nation, are at a critical junction at the cross roads of the information technology age. In many respects, we are in the same position as that of the early days of the industrial revolution--where we had railroads of different scales, track widths, etc. In the case of the railroads, the problem was one of standardization and it caused loss of productivity and timely delivery. The computer industry desperately needs standardization in the same way; in protocols, file formats and programs. This, I believe, is the single most important part of this whole issue and the fact that Microsoft's sole business plan can be summed up as ``control the standard''. In closing, all are surely in agreement that the resolution of this case is of great importance, not just now but for many years to come. This suggests a careful and deliberate penalty is far more important to the health of the nation than is a hasty one. Respectfully Submitted, Greg Sprinkle 3907 Lanyard Ct. Chester, VA 23831-7379 email: [email protected] MTC-00007655 From: [email protected]@inetgw To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:12pm Subject: microsoft settlement sirs, this suit has been tried to death.the remaining states are arguing for microsfts competitors in their home states not for some imagined u.s. citizens who supposedly are being overcharged for microsoft products.these competitors should compete with their products against microsoft not with their lawyers.let us comlply with the decision already in place and get out on with moving business ahead. sincerely, george o. mills lavallette,nj 08735 MTC-00007656 From: James Rhodes To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:13pm Subject: Microsoft Selltlement It is my firm belief that any more litigation against Microsoft would once more plunge the tec. markets into another freefall just as two years ago when weak insecure corporations turned to the Clinton justice department for help. If the government wants to bring on another down cycle, just keep pounding away at the one company that truly [[Page 24935]] knows how to innovate and develop solutions to complex problems. Why is it that people who know how to get things done are always being attacked by those who can't? The more I see the law being applied in this country, the less respect I have for it. Lawyers, journalists, politicians--they build nothing yet suck the life out of everything. MTC-00007657 From: Paul Monson To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:13pm Subject: Microsoft Settlement Dear Sirs; I have been a computer user for many years. I owned one of the first IBM-PC produced and have continually upgraded. I remember the days when competing Operating Systems were available and I am glad those days are gone. It was a nightmare having software that would work under one operating system but not another. I know monopolies in general are undesirable but in the case of computer operating systems they are much better than the alternative. I also do not have any problem with ``bundling'' of the internet browser. For many years I used Netscape as my preferred browser even when Internet Explorer was the default browser installed with the Microsoft operating system. I have now switched to Internet Explorer simply because it is now better than Netscape, but I would still be running Netscape if it were superior. I think it is time to lay-off of Microsoft, I believe that most people feel as I do that in general we are much better off with Microsoft as is rather that broken-up or otherwise handicapped. I have found that most Microsoft products are superior to competing products> Why can the public not be able to use such superior products. I am not a Microsoft employee but a individual public citizen. Paul Monson MTC-00007658 From: Michael Beers To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 9:11pm Subject: Microsoft settlement Hello, my name is Michael Beers. I'm a hard-working friendly American male. I'll make it short. Settle the Microsoft case now. It is unfortunate in this country that success, when deemed ``excessive,'' is so despised that we have to attempt to destroy it, to make it small again, to make it average. Pay no attention to the 2 billion dollars Mr. Gates gave to charity this year, to the stimulus his company provides our economy, and to the fact that my computer running his software is one of the most important objects in my life. Leave Microsoft alone! Leave business alone! Let the market decide whose products to buy. Keep your creepy, altruistic hands off. Thank you. Did I make my point clear? Michael Beers Michael Beers michaelbeers.com [email protected] 785-749-3649 MTC-00007659 From: CHARLES E KESSLER To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:14pm Subject: Microsoft Settlement Gentlemen, My family nor I have never worked for or had any connection to the Microsoft Co. and I do not own any Microsoft stock. My only connection is that I have a personal computer that uses Microsoft software. It has always been my opinion that to penalize Microsoft for improving its software for the benefit of its customers is crazy. The freedom to innovate and provide better software should be rewarded not penalized. The only reason for these lawsuits is to benefit the attorneys and the politicians who support Microsoft's competitors. Charles E. Kessler 3000 S. Graham St. Seattle, WA 98108 206-725-3279 MTC-00007660 From: [email protected]@inetgw To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:14pm Subject: Microsoft Suit Dear Sirs: Please end this action and lets move on! L.C. Foster Tampa Fl. MTC-00007661 From: Rick Salvo To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:15pm Subject: Microsoft Settlement I really don't understand why the Government is trying to destroy one of the world's best achievements. You can buy a Microsoft product that is reliable and utilitarian for less than what most attorneys charge for 2 hours of their time. Where is the injustice here? Their products will last a lifetime (even though they will be improved upon constantly). This whole thing is a big waste of time and money. Just look at what breaking up the phone company did. We now pay about 5 times as much for less service and have 2 to 3 bills for what once came in one every month! Even if some companies are considered monopolies maybe that is the most efficient way to do some things. Leave Microsoft alone and see if all the lawyers involved can add some utility to the world in stead of profits in their pockets. Settle the suit and let's get on with life and look for things that need fixing. Sincerely Rick Salvo MTC-00007662 From: [email protected]@inetgw To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:16pm Subject: microsoftsettlement I am voting for the settlement as outlined. MTC-00007663 From: Ruth A. Lucchesi To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:20pm Subject: Microsoft Settlement Dear Judge Kollar-Kotelly: I fear that Microsoft will emerge from the Justice Department and and State anti-trust lawsuits with little or no penalty. Microsoft's offer to spend money to equip schools with their brand of software is certainly not a penalty for them...it is advertising cost. If they are permitted such an easy fate, all of the creative alternatives to the WINTEL platform will be effectively crushed. The Apple operating systems long used by schools will be drowned by the onslaught of Microsoft technology. Monopoly power in Microsoft's hands is no different than it was in the hands of Rockefeller and Standard Oil nor Ma Bell. Absolute power (monopoly) corrupts absolutely. Please consider the fate of other creative methods for computing and insist on a penalty for Microsoft that will break their monopoly. The company should be split into at least two separate and competing companies...one for software and one for an operating system. Judge Green's decision to split Ma Bell made possible the many innovations we have in telecommunications today: cell phones, pagers, portable phones etc. The next generation deserves the same opportunity to have similar computing technology at their disposal. Please split up Microsoft. Thank you for your time and attention. Ruth A. Lucchesi 127 Riverside Drive Northfield, IL 60093-3238 MTC-00007664 From: 4glh To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:20pm Subject: Microsoft Settlement Hello, I just wanted to voice my support of the Microsoft settlement. I do believe that they were unfairly targeted by the government in the first place, but since they agreed to this settlement it should be honored! Then the whiners and complainers form both the other software companies and the Government (who really deserve none of Microsoft's money.. they already pay their taxes) should get out of it and leave them alone. Hopefully they can still succeed even after their unfair and I believe unlawful persecution. Let their settlement stand. GL Holmlund MTC-00007665 From: cliff bristow To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:20pm Subject: Microsoft Settlement This is in reference to the Microsoft Settlement...I am sick and tired of the mess that special interest groups are creating and feel that the government could best serve the people of this great nation by dropping everything. Microsoft has consistently given me all that I have paid for and so much that I didn't pay for. If I need an update for a Microsoft product that I use, they have always given me that update at no charge. Yes, they do charge me if I want to upgrade (like to Windows XP), but, it is my choice whether to upgrade or not. Microsoft is not forcing me to do something that I do not want to do and I for one am tired of people trying to tell me they are. I am a strong supporter for Microsoft and believe that they are serving all of my needs. [[Page 24936]] Sincerely, Cliff Bristow Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Cliff MTC-00007666 From: [email protected]@inetgw To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:21pm Subject: Microsoft Settlement Leave Microsoft alone. Just close out the settlement you already reached with Microsoft and move on. Microsoft is one of the world's greatest companies that has done more for benefiting mankind than almost any other company in the past 10 years. The whole technology revolution of the 1990's would never have happened without Microsoft. Microsoft bashers are just jealous of Bill Gate's success. CC:[email protected]@inetgw MTC-00007667 From: [email protected]@inetgw To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:25pm Subject: microsoft settlement Please finally settle this case as per the terms negotiated by Microsoft and the DOJ and allow Microsoft to get back to work writing software and stimulating the economy rather than remaining an unending source of income for the plaintiff's bar. It's enough, get rid of this case. You are not there to defend Microsoft's competitors from competion. Harvey W. Topilow, MD MTC-00007668 From: John Petrocci To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:24pm Subject: Microsoft settlement I think that the courts intrusion in the way a corporation manages it business is unwarranted. It became evident the courts were favoring the competitors. I liked the settlement. There are many other companies that could be prosecuted if judged in the same manner that Microsoft was scrutinized. MTC-00007669 From: [email protected]@inetgw To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:26pm Subject: Microsoft Settlement I fully support the settlement as I fully support Microsoft's freedom to innovate. William K. Topper 968 E. 125 S. Ogden, Utah 84404-4006 [email protected] MTC-00007670 From: Alan Hagerman To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:26pm Subject: My opposition to the DOJ Suit vs. Microsoft Gentlemen....While I am by no means an expert, I do believe that Microsoft was not and is not now, a monopoly. I believe that companies who were competitors of Microsoft, got the government to take the lead to bring Microsoft down or at least, break it up. I did obtain a Bachelor of Arts degree from Miami Univ, Oxford , Ohio and a CPCU Degree From the Insurance Institute. My major in college was economics. I feel that a great deal of Taxpayer money has been wasted and that the devastation of the stock holdings of Americans (particularly in the computer field) has been great. I am pleased that the US Govt Doj program is ending and I feel that the states who are still holding out should cease and desist their actions too. I am a retiree, recently retired from the General Insurance business. I have never missed an opportunity to vote and I chair the Conservative Party of Ontario County, New York. Thank you for requesting my opinion. Sincerely, Alan Hagerman, Chairman MTC-00007671 From: Paul Graeber To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:26pm Subject: Microsoft Settlement Despite the aggressive lobbying efforts of a few of Microsoft's competitors, the federal government and nine states finally reached a comprehensive agreement with Microsoft to address the reduced liability found in the Court of Appeals ruling. This settlement is tough, but reasonable and fair to all parties involved. Consumers overwhelmingly agree that settlement is good for them, the industry and the American economy. The law (officially called the Tunney Act) requires a public comment period between now and January 28th after which the District Court will determine whether the settlement is in the ``public interest.'' Unfortunately, a few special interests are attempting to use this review period to derail the settlement and prolong this litigation even in the midst of uncertain economic times. The last thing the American economy needs is more litigation that benefits only a few wealthy competitors and stifles innovation. Don't let these special interests defeat the public interest. Paul Graeber Paul and Sherri [email protected] MTC-00007672 From: [email protected]@inetgw To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:27pm Subject: RE; microsoft settlement I HAVE FOLLOWED THE PROCEEDINGS FOR THE PAST THREE YEARS AND I FIRMLY BELIEVE IT HAS FINALLY COME TO A SATISFACTORY AND ACCEPTABLE CONCLUSION. I REFER TO THE LONG AT&T CASE WHICH TOOK MANY YEARS AND RESULTED IN A HUGE EXPENSE TO THE GOVERNMENT AND SUBSTANTIALLY INCREASED TELEPHONE USAGE COSTS TO THE CONSUMER. WHAT MAKES IT EVEN MORE LUDICROUS IS THAT THE SPLIT COMPANIES HAVE MANAGED TO ALLY THEMSELVES WITH EACH OTHER. THOSE WHO DESIRE TO EXTEND THE CONTROVERSY ARE DOING IT FOR SELFISH PERSONAL GAIN. LET US AVOID ANOTHER AT&T DEBACLE. VERY TRULY YOURS---- DAVID KAUFMAN MTC-00007673 From: [email protected]@inetgw To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:27pm Subject: Microsoft Settlement Gentlemen: Enough is enough, time for settling this matter once and for all. Put a stop to these delays so that MS can get back to business. They have provided a service for us consumers that has been extremely important in the advancement of computer science. So many Americans can now and do, have computers in their homes. I believe without MS this would not have happened. Why do we want to punish a company that brought USA to the top of this industry? Kathleen Laitila MTC-00007674 From: Erol Fox To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:29pm Subject: please complete the settlement We've used up enough taxpayer money (my money) to punish the one company that has done more for consumers and computing than any other. Let's put an end to the ``don't innovate, litigate'' credo of the lesser companies. If they'd higher great engineers to make great products, and get out of the courts, maybe they could compete. As a registered voter, I'm adding my vote to complete the settlement and get America moving again towards innovation! MTC-00007675 From: Patty To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:29pm Subject: Microsoft Settlement To Whom It May Concern: I believe the settlement reached in the Microsoft case is fair. Please make it final and let Microsoft and the American public get on with life. Thank you. P. Lea MTC-00007676 From: Jimmy.Chan@Dictaphone.com@inetgw To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:29pm Subject: Microsoft Settlement Dear DOJ, I am writing this reguarding to the Microsoft Settlement Case as a consumer, my point of view is the case has been prolong enough. It is bad for the economy, derail innovation for new technology. Majorily of the public are aware they do have a choice to choose from all vendors of software makers and they are more acknowlegeable reguarding what they buy from a decade ago. Also, technology has been advanced so fast, even the laws can't keep up and I understand you want to protect the consumers. So, let us decide what's best for the consumers and ends all litigation asap when there is a fair settlement presented on the table for all parties already. And get the economy moving on all cylinders again. Thanks for letting me voice my point of view. Good Luck! [[Page 24937]] Jimmy MTC-00007677 From: [email protected]@inetgw To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:30pm Subject: Microsoft Settlement Come on, lets get this show on the road and finalized. We have wasted far too much time and money for no real purpose. Let's step up to the plate and get it finalized. Microsoft is being more than fair--enought already. Make it happen. Thanks for your consideration. Paul E. Monson MTC-00007678 From: [email protected]@inetgw To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:31pm Subject: Microsoft Settlement To whom this may concern, The settlement accepted by Microsoft should be accepted by the Court and Microsoft should be afforded quiet enjoyment to innovate and pursue its business. The entire case against Microsoft is study of abuse of government power against the private sector--Microsoft drove our high tech economy and dramatically increased productivity in America. We owe the success of the 90's to the catalyst ``Microsoft''. Bill Gates and his team are the new American heroes of our capitalist system, Microsoft brought low priced products to the service of all. Microsoft succeeded against all competitors world wide--they won the Olympic Gold of Business for America and the American government tried to punished them due to complaints from inefficient high price competitors with friends in Congress. It is time to end this tragic mistaken case and move on. In addition to settlement the Federal government and especially the States should apologize to Microsoft and its shareholders. God Bless a Free America Carl A. Merz President Hartford Aviation Group, Inc. MTC-00007679 From: Richard Lewis To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:33pm Subject: Microsoft settlement --- Richard Lewis --- [email protected] --- EarthLink: The #1 provider of the Real Internet. I believe the Microsoft settlement was good and fair and that it should not be overturned by special interests. Litigation is a sorry method of resolving problems, especially since consumers have not suffered from Microsoft's actions. Richard F. Lewis 22 Tollridge Ct. San Mateo, CA 94402 MTC-00007680 From: John Buttel To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:34pm Subject: Microsoft Settlement First of all I do not own any Microsoft stock at this time and am not now nor will I ever be employed by Microsoft. I do use the products created by the company and have never had a complaint or felt that I my choices were being limited in any way by monopolistic practices. Prices for Microsoft products are fair to me the consumer and services have been more than satisfactory. I have felt from the beginning of the legal action that my government was suing a company on behalf of other competing companies that could not do it on their own. I am not anything more than a casual computer user that has never found a time or place where I had to use a Microsoft product when I did not want to. Just because they were able to come up with the dominant operating system for the personal computer in the right place and the right time they should not be punished continually for it. Please let the market place decide what it wants and stop wasting my tax dollars on litigation against Microsoft. In the Bible God tells us not to sue one another. Thank you, my name is John ([email protected]) MTC-00007681 From: [email protected]@inetgw To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:34pm Subject: settlement I think the proposal to have Microsoft donate software to schools is excellent. Please lets get this terrible burden to our economy over with and settle this case. Sun, oracle and there states will never settle so please make them. Tim Carey, MD MTC-00007682 From: Purdue To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:36pm Subject: Microsoft Settlement Dear Dept of Justice: Please settle this case as soon as possible. I do not think that delaying the settlement will solve anything further. Personally, I see the nine states that are in a quandary as inhibiting and not expediting legal or just settlement of this case by any further prolongment. Barbara Purdue Citizen USA MTC-00007683 From: charles bolton To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:39pm Subject: The action currently being pursued against Microsoft creates a Business The action currently being pursued against Microsoft creates a Business climate of uncertainty that prevents them from continuing to innovate and develop new technology that will provide business opportunities and create additional jobs, investment opportunities and other revenue streams. Microsoft has been punished enough by this long drawn out court action, delays, missed opportunities and legal costs. Implement the settlement as decided by the Courts. Continuing to re-open the case on hearsay and speculation is a violation of the equal protection of the laws of the US Constitution and probably a violation of due process. In these un-settled economic and chaotic world climate we need stability and a level playing field to allow us technology to stay in the lead. Do you think the Chinese and all the other techno wantabees are tying the hands of their premier technology companies. No! Keep it up and you will erode our global technological edge. There are winners and losers in the market place all the time. I saw my company that had a good product and technology go down the tubes due to the dot.com melt down and we were not a dot.com company. So encourage competition and let people innovate and computer and stop listening to the cry babies. Cordially Charles Bolton [email protected] MTC-00007684 From: scott juetten To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:31pm Subject: MS Antitrust case that never ends! To Whom it may Concern, I strongly support the proposed settlement between the Justice Department and Microsoft. The settlement more than addresses the concerns brought up at the trial without unduly harming a company that has perhaps done more for the US Economy than any other. This settlement will allow Microsoft to keep innovating, while being sensitive to the needs of competitors and computer makers. The dissenting states proposed alterations to the settlement are punitive in nature, and are primarily designed to help Microsoft competitors at the expense of Microsoft and Microsoft shareholders. They are designed to prevent Microsoft from innovating, and to make Microsoft hand over intellectual property to competitors. Microsoft has shown signs it is very determined to comply with the settlement, by internally appointing compliance officers. Therefore, I believe the states concerns are unfounded. It is my opinion that if the settlement is approved, and this case is finally closed, that it will help to eliminate uncertainty in the tech sector of the equity markets. This can also help to spur economic recovery. Therefore, I do not feel it is in the best interest of consumers or the country to drag this on further. Please accept the settlement of United States vs. Microsoft as submitted by the US Justice Department. Respectfully, Scott & Rochelle Juetten MTC-00007685 From: [email protected]@inetgw To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:41pm Subject: Microsoft Settlement It is respectfully submitted that the Microsoft litigation at bar represents a politically motivated abuse of the American judicial system. The conclusions and findings of the Court appear to be an overly simplistic, almost academic, approach that bears little relevancy to the real world of average consumers such as myself. It is at best absurd that absolutely no consideration appears to have been given to [[Page 24938]] the fact that the explosion of the internet is almost exclusively the result of Microsoft's bundling which effectively gave consumers ``all'' they needed to permit them to wander through the internet. I'd call it one stop shopping-a convenience-not a punishment. It is equally absurd that no consideration has been given the issue of whether any of the ``competitors'' who were ``excluded'' actually offered products that were truly innovative and competitive with Microsoft's products. Finally, the penultimate absurdity of the litigation is the lack of any proof that consumers would have benefited financially or otherwise had circumstances been as the Court believed they should have been. If Microsoft is willing to accept the proposed settlement, it should be approved. The Court and the State Attorneys should not do any further harm. Respectfully yours, William J. Breuer 22 Nassau Blvd Garden City, N.Y. MTC-00007686 From: [email protected]@inetgw To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:43pm Subject: Microsoft Case I have been concerned about the Department of Justice lawsuit against Microsoft. I began using Microsoft products in 1981 when I bought my first IBM microcomputer. Nothing in my lifetime has increased my productivity and work enjoyment as much as the microcomputer and Microsoft software. Their creativity and entrepreneurship helped millions of other people and me. I have worked at four universities and most recently as Vice President for Finance and Administration at the University of Alabama in Huntsville. I recently retired but was thinking back to 1981 when I bought six microcomputers and established three residence hall computer labs at Central Michigan University. I think these were the very first residence hall computer labs in the country. Many students benefited from those labs and the Microsoft software we used. From that early beginning I certainly could not have predicted the full impact of either the software or the microcomputer. I have been forever grateful to Bill Gates and all the Microsoft people for providing such productivity enhancements. I am happy to hear that Attorney General John Ashcroft has ended the Department of Justice's three-year antitrust lawsuit against Microsoft with a settlement. I wholeheartedly agree with the Attorney General's decision to get it over with. The complex agreement is full of provisions that will permanently change the software industry and I personally do not see a one that I would consider positive. Everything about the agreement seems to me to be aimed at reducing creative endeavor. The government even created an ongoing technical oversight committee to review Microsoft software codes, and to test Microsoft compliance to the agreement. Nevertheless, I am glad it is over. What disturbs me is that some government officials and Microsoft competitors aren't satisfied with the decision and want tighter screws on Microsoft. I ask, ``How far should the government go on these issues? Free enterprise needs a break!'' My hope is that Microsoft will produce even better software in the future that will help all of us. I am doing some consulting now and my son is a software developer who uses all of Microsoft's development software. I don't want to see anything standing in the way of improved software. Our tax money should be used to deal with the urgent matters of the day. In my opinion, the federal government doesn't need to take any more action on this issue. Please end the Microsoft lawsuit permanently. MTC-00007687 From: Barbara Gregory To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:43pm Subject: Microsoft Settlement It's time to settle this mess, for the good of all. Why prolong it any longer. Prolonging the settlement hurts the economy and really hurts everyone. Those that don't want to settle are the ones that are really greedy. Let's get it over with. MTC-00007688 From: Jim Gasparich To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:45pm Subject: microsoft settlement To whom it may concern: As an avid computer user I feel strongly that the settlement arrived at between Microsoft and the DOJ was fair and in the best interest of consumers like myself. Further litigation is a waste of taxpayer money and will not help consumers but rather competitors and the political careers of ambitious AG's. Please do the world a favor and end this. Sincerely, James P Gasparich, M.D. MTC-00007689 From: Wendall Mayson To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:46pm Subject: Microsoft Settlement Dear DoJ, Please, it is time for this issue to be put to rest. The entire case revolves around the fact that Microsoft's competitors do not have the will or desire to get out and work hard to develop the technology to compete with Microsoft. They would rather cry and go running to the government. Why not, it is easier and cheaper for them. Microsoft pumps millions of dollars into the US economy. They have for many years and they can for many more if everyone will just leave them alone. In addition, Microsoft develops technology that not only makes the US stronger, but also makes it easier for the average consumer to do what they want to with their personal computer. In addition, Microsoft delivers this technology at a tremendous value. Thank you! MTC-00007690 From: SamuelWines To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:45pm Subject: Microsoft Settlement I believe that enough resources have been expended to date and that it is time to move ahead. Microsoft is not perfect and certainly should be monitored but is it not time to move to more pressing issues? Sam Wines MTC-00007691 From: Perry To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:48pm Subject: MS Settlement I think the Clinton Administration made a terrible mistake in using the Dept of Justice in trying to break-up Microsoft. MS is the with the recourses and talent to compete with foreign governments in the development of new and sophisticated software. The remaining states have no case and there has no damage to them, therefore, they should give up there in pursuit of MS. Thank you for your kind attention to this matter-- Perry Du Long MTC-00007692 From: [email protected]@inetgw To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:48pm Subject: Microsoft Settlement This has gone on way too long now. PLEASE settle this ridiculous case and lets move on. Microsoft is an incredible company and I can't believe I live in a country that penalizes it's citizen's for being innovative and successful. Its disgraceful the way our government has treated our own company that we should be proud of. I used to live in Mexico and down there the people couldn't believe what the USA was doing. It was really embarrassing to try and explain it. SETTLE THE CASE! MTC-00007693 From: [email protected]@inetgw To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:48pm Subject: Microsoft settlement A reasonable and fair settlement has been reached. Lets stop seeking to damage the future of one of the few remaining American companies that is truly a leader in global business and quickly ratify the settlement. K. Cadematori 1/2/02 MTC-00007694 From: Jim/Carol Renfrow To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:49pm Subject: Microsoft Settlement DOJ-- Come on guys...it's settled. Let's get on with getting on. If this case is continued, you are starting to look foolish. Any further consideration by DOJ against Microsoft will further show how a few individuals in your department has a personal vendetta against Microsoft and Bill Gates. Let American Capitalism and Democracy work....get out of the way. Jim Renfrow 2400 Columbine Lane Montrose, CO 81401-5646 [email protected] (970)-249-6511 [[Page 24939]] PS. I'm a 56 year old who has been a registered Democrat all my life and have never voted for a Republican Presidential Candidate. MTC-00007695 From: Matias Moyano To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:49pm Subject: hello i want to say, that i dont like the settlement that the DOJ has reached with microsoft, this is not helping the consumers, and of course, not helping the economy at all, microsoft allways had the winner track on all these computer business, i think that we are loosing the economy on the computer market with this settlement, the 9 of the 18 states started this because microsoft's MONOPOLIC tactics, they started this because the POWER AND THE MONEY that microsoft have win in this computer market is not ALLOWING other little companys to start or to reach a good market, because MICRO$OFT can buy the competitor... or add a ``new free feature'' to the next os, and the competitor will be down and dead, and microsoft will not spend more money again, this is not helping the AMERICAN ECONOMY, this is helping MICRO$OFT ECONOMY, i was wondering why? i can travel to USA proof that im good for the USA economy and the American Gov. will loan me money to start, so i can grow as a business in the USA, a country that i love, and i will like to live on, but what happens here? with this settlement the only thing that you, DOJ, 9 states of the 18 states are doing is destroying the chance of people like me or any other little company that wants to start something in the computer market, why should i do it? if i will loose against microsoft in one way or another? this settlement is not protecting the AMERICAN ECONOMY and that is the big mistake... because in the way this is handle, 5 years of restricted stuff for microsoft? what is that? microsoft agreed in other settlement to pay 10 billons, that shows to you how much they care of that 5 years, in the 6th year they can recover all the money they loose, please, dont give them the chance to destroy the american economy, this cant be tolerated!!!! the american economy is not moved by microsoft, is moved by hundres or 1000! of people that wants to start something or a business in that great country! but in the way this is going, microsoft will be able to do whatever they want, that is bad!! very bad! microsoft can loose 10 billons of dollars but they know that they can recover it once again when the 6th year is reached! or by going back to their tactics! the split of the company was the best to do!!! but if you cant make them do that then go for the proposed by the 9 REBEL STATES the open of the code of IE and other things they had in mind please! do it for ALL THE ECONOMY, not just MICRO$OFT ECONOMY this move, and the tactics that microsoft allways used is destroying the little and medium companys arround, and in some years, you will have nothing, and who can we blame about that? MTC-00007696 From: Bob Windom To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:49pm Subject: My husband and I are owners of small businesses. I am a county commissioner as well. We fully beli My husband and I are owners of small businesses. I am a county commissioner as well. We fully believe that the Microsoft settlement is just and fair. It serves us well as consumers both in private life, the small business sector, and local government. We, therefore, encourage you to move forward with the settlement. Robert and Rita Windom 303 Voves Ave. Libby, MT 59923 406-293-6764 MTC-00007697 From: [email protected]@inetgw To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:51pm Subject: Microsoft Settlement Department of Justice, I am in favor of the proposed settlement in the Microsoft case. It is time to get this settled so the economy can move forward and recover. Thank you. James H. Baker MTC-00007698 From: [email protected]@inetgw To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:54pm Subject: Microsoft Settlement 1/2/02 In the interest of the public, I would like an agreement on the current settlement. A few sour grapes would like to prolong this for there own interest, in the long run this is going to cost us all money and won't accomplish anything. Not all Microsoft products are perfect, but they are generally better than whatever else is around! Sincerely, Robb McCullough MTC-00007699 From: Leslie Veres To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:54pm Subject: Microsoft Settlement I am in favor of the Microsoft settlement and see no reason to prolong this case one minute longer than necessary. Please complete the settlement process and apply the Department of Justice resources to more important needs. Thank you very much. Leslie L. Veres MTC-00007700 From: Ann Whalen To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:53pm Subject: microsoft settlement It is time to settle this case. I am a taxpayer and have paid for this case to go on and on. As a consumer, I have enjoyed an operating system that is innovative, creative and an American product. Let's spend time, money and energy on ``fighting'' cases that negatively affect the American public. Thanks, Ann Whalen MTC-00007701 From: [email protected]@inetgw To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:55pm Subject: Microsoft Settlement Dear Sirs or Madams: I sincerely hope that the Microsoft Settlement, otherwise known as the Tunney Act, would be implemented as soon as possible. Any other course would constitute yet another blow to our struggling economy. Sincerely, C. Lawrence Roberts, M.D. 23720 S.E. 18th St. Sammamish, Washington 98075-8109 MTC-00007702 From: David Hemler To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:56pm Subject: Microsoft Settlement I believe that the proposed settlement between Microsoft and the Department of Justice is in the best interests of the country and consumers. I fully support the settlement and hope that you will enforce its terms. David Hemler MTC-00007703 From: [email protected]@inetgw To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:56pm Subject: (no subject) Please settle the case as soon as possible w/o hurting economy and citizen of this country. MTC-00007704 From: kearypk To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:55pm Subject: Microsoft Settlement. I have been asked to comment on the settlement. I think that ANY settlement hurts both the consumer and our country's economy and ability to compete worldwide. However, I agree that this settlement is better that any more litigation and therefore agree with it Keary Kunz 210 Jennings Wenatchee, WA 98801 MTC-00007705 From: Scott Cuddihy To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:57pm Subject: Microsoft Settlement I believe this whole effort is a shame. Large scale damage has been done to our economy by the USDOJ in the name of anti-trust. The consumer has not been harmed by Microsoft, the consumer enjoys more value for its money than any other time in history. This action only benefits AOL-Time Warner, Sun Microsystems and Oracle to name a few. Please end this tragedy. Thank you, Scott Cuddihy MTC-00007706 From: [email protected]@inetgw To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/2/02 11:59pm Subject: Microsoft settlement TO whom it may concern: As a consumer, I wish to voice my strong opinion that you settle this case with Microsoft as it is now. The Tunney act is fair and needs to be implemented without any further delay. To delay is to prolong the [[Page 24940]] stifling effect on development. Do what is right and settle now. Timothy Messmer Anacortes, WA MTC-00007707 From: marvin thurmond To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/3/02 12:00am Subject: microsoft settlement To: us doj To whom it may concern: Please settle the Microsoft case without further litigation. I believe this to be in the interest of the people. Thanks marvin c. thurmond 44 camden way dallas,ga. 30157 MTC-00007708 From: [email protected]@inetgw To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/3/02 12:02am Subject: Microsoft Settlement I wrote a letter to Microsoft some time ago supporting them in the legal actions. They provided me with this address to continue to show my support...I agree that the settlement seems to be in the consumer's best interests, and I would like the litagatin to cease. Anne Hazelton MD MTC-00007709 From: Ronald To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/3/02 12:02am Subject: Microsoft Settlement I Agree with California an the other eight states, that Microsoft is the one stalling. I agree with California and the other eight states. Microsoft should split into two or three corporations. They are a bullies. Ron Bush End User Ronald J. Bush [email protected] MTC-00007710 From: SUE BONK To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/3/02 12:04am Subject: Dept. of Justice Put a sock in it! Settle this NOW! MTC-00007711 From: Jasha Levi To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/3/02 12:05am Subject: Microsoft settlement It is high time to let Microsoft be and let their competitors compete in the marketplace instead of trying to have the courts do it for them. Jasha Levi MTC-00007713 From: David P. Schwartz To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/3/02 12:05am Subject: comments on DOJ v. Microsoft Gentlemen, I am a professional computer software developer, and I've been working with and around computers for as long as Bill Gates (we're a year apart in age). While I have not read the proposed settlement in detail, I have read many accounts in the technical press that seem to be in fair agreement, and I thought I'd register my comments. In a nutshell, I think the proposed settlement is off-point and will have virtually no impact in the market place or to any useful extent with either consumers or end users. It's an attempt to compensate for market forces that were in effect several years ago and that might not be relevant today. For what it's worth, here's my opinion. I agree that Microsoft has created a monopoly. The issue before the courts was focused on products and product bundling; however, this is not the culprit. The monopoly that Microsoft has so effectively created really lies in a distribution channel that reaches over 90% of all computer users in the North American hemisphere, and probably a majority of ALL users worldwide. The problem with that sort of monopoly is that the monopoly holder has the absolute right to say what goes into that channel. It's not that the products Microsoft chooses to bundle are good, bad, or indifferent. The problem is that the consumer is LOCKED OUT from EVER GETTING THE OPPORTUNITY TO CHOOSE ANY ALTERNATIVES! Consider this: what if. . . 90% of telephone service was provided by Qwest? 90% of all grocery stores food distributors were owned by Safeway? 90% of all gasoline pipelines were owned by Mobil Oil? . . . And, the owners were also the produces of 100% of the products that were stocked and sold to their customers--meaning that all the services accessible by telephone (eg., long distance, voice mail, internet access, etc) were ALSO owned by Qwest; that 100% of the products found in a Safeway store were exclusively their in- house private label brands; that all the gasoline and oil available through Mobil gas stations was produced and owned by Mobil Oil. It's kind of scary to think about, isn't it? You'd go to the grocery store looking for Quaker Brand Oatmeal, and you have to settle with some gloppy in-house brand because . . . the price of the Quaker Oats product would be twice the cost of the in-house brand because the ``house'' would take a few tens of million dollars for the privledge of ``bundling'' it with their other products. (Look what they wanted to charge AOL just to advertise their internet service in Windows XP!) What other company, distributor, news source, publisher, government, or ANYBODY exists ANYWHERE that has that kind of market penetration AND CONTROL? I cannot think of a single one, other than possibly the US Post Office! What is the impact on me as a software developer? Well, it's rather difficult for me to gain access to this distribution channel. In fact, it's practically impossible. AOL couldn't get into the XP distribution without practically selling their soul; what chance does a smaller company have? Z-E-R-O. That's the primary impact of this monopoly--when somebody buys a Compaq or Dell computer, the only products they get exposure to are from Microsoft (and a few other Fortune 50 companies that can afford the advertising costs). And that's mainly because of contracts between Microsoft and the OEM manufacturers. Even if those contract terms are relaxed a bit, there's no way that smaller vendors are going to get to bundle their multimedia players and text editors with those systems! The first automobiles were available in ``any color you want, as long as it's black''. That's ok when you're talking about a product market place with a few thousand or tens of thousands of customers. But today tens of millions of computers are sold each year. Nonetheless, as in Ford's time, consumers can get them outfitted with ``any operating system you like, as long as it's from Microsoft''. That's NOT a choice! One measure of the settlement should be this: how do consumers choices change as a result? Frankly, I fail to see how this situation will possibly change given the proposed remedies. Assuming the proposed settlement goes through, in a year or three, will the average consumer have any more choices to him as to what software gets bundled and/or installed on his computer? I really don't see how. AT&T was broken into several smaller pieces in order to separate the local phone access from the long-distance networks. Now the so- called Baby Bells want to get back into long distance markets, and AT&T wants to get back into local access markets. What solution has been put into place? Local carriers can get into long distance when they've opened their local markets to some percentage of competing carriers, and AT&T can get into local markets when it can demonstrate that its opened it's markets to some percentage of competing carriers. That makes sense. The practical impact of that hasn't been very effective in the market place, but at least it's a start. WHAT I'D LIKE TO SEE: As part of the settlement agreement, Microsoft should be required to include installation-time access to third-party products with every release of their software. The qualifications should be that anybody can submit anything as long as it meets certain clearly defined and easily measured criteria. That means that if AOL thinks that users might want to get access to AOL at the time they install Windows XP, the only option Microsoft has is to say ``send us a link to your web site''. One thing I believe is that Microsoft will claim that virtually ANYTHING is an ``integral part'' of the operating system if it suits their fancy. Rather than argue about it, I'd say ``the proof is in the pudding''. If Microsoft is including something in the release of one of their products, then they should allow third parties to submit similar products as well. In other words, if they want to claim that an Internet Browser is part of the OS, then they cannot say that other Browsers should not be include. Conversely, if somebody wants to bundle a word processor and Microsoft says that's not part of the OS, then they can refuse to include it. However, if someone wants to bundle something roughly equivalent to Notepad or Wordpad, which are acknowledged parts of the standard Windows operating environment, then Microsoft could not deny them trying to say that they compete with Word instead. In order to facilitate this, I'd suggest the establishment of a web site that is used to [[Page 24941]] promote third-party products that compete with things that Microsoft bundles directly in their products, and require Microsoft to modify their installer so that it connects to this web site at installation time and allows users to select among different tools available on the web site at that time. Some folks might not want to load the Windows Media Player, and might choose to install the WinAmp Media Player instead. Why not? Or, they could choose to load Netscape rather than Internet Explorer as their browser. If Microsoft wants to play games with the API so competitors' products don't work well, then play the same game as the phone companies--they can update their browser as soon as at least one other browser has been tested to be ``compatible'' with the operating system. Put the onus on Microsoft to provide CLEAR CRITERIA to facilitate successful compatibility testing. I'd also like to see something in the remedy that addresses the abysmal level of support that's currently available for Microsoft's products, primarily their 0EM products. Microsoft says that part of the reason they discount the licenses sold to OEMs is because their contracts require the OEMs to provide support. However, most don't provide any useful level of support, typically pushing it off on their retailers. Very few retailers ever hire the expertise needed to support Microsoft's products well. This is relevant to the monopolistic practices issue because it gives Microsoft a way to dis-own support needs for a very large percentage of its customers. If Microsoft was required to provide even a minimal level of support for their products, they would have to raise their OEM prices enough that the OEMs would in fact be in a position to make a viable choice among different bundling options. Today the OEMs are simply prostitutes for Microsoft products that they bundle with their hardware simply because nobody else can afford to offer them better deals. OEMs cannot afford to support the software that they bundle with their computers, and there's a tacit agreement that retailers and ``certified technicians'' will take up the slack. The truth is, they don't. But Microsoft gets the benefit of the doubt and is allowed to continue underpricing their products to OEMs using this fraudulant strategy. I think that requiring Microsoft to publish a single, uniform, OEM Price List that only offers volume purchase discounts and that imposes certain specific support requirements would go a long way towards solving this problem. (For example, an OEM can get an additional discount by providing the 800# for their phone support help desk. No support desk, no discount. Conversely, Microsoft would be required to provide the support for those OEMs, hence justifying the higher OEM price.) Finally, I like the option that several of the States have proposed that forces Microsoft to publish the source code for the core Windows operating system and utilities and require them to license it more openly. This would allow third-parties and even OEMs to use it to compose different configurations, much the way that Linux distributions are really different compositions of mostly the same code bases. It would eliminate most of the issues that have been keeping the OEMs hamstrung in their abilities to modify the boot-up processes of their machines, or shipping alternative browsers. It would also have a beneficial side-effect in that the OEMs would REALLY be required to support their products! Thank you for taking the time to read this. David Schwartz P.O. Box 34338 Phoenix, AZ 85067 MTC-00007714 From: Richard Tackett To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/3/02 12:06am Subject: what I think waste of taxpayers money over nothing!!!!! I stand with Microsoft on this matter!!!!!!! Rich Tackett 19811 Portal Plaza Cupertino, Calif. 95014 408 253-7810 MTC-00007715 From: Carl To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/3/02 12:06am Subject: Microsoft Settlement Sirs I have been around the computer industry for 40 years and the one thing that stands out in the early days of the computer is that no companies were compatible with software or hardware. Now that one company got it all together and you can buy any hardware or software and be assured that it will run, the Government wants to shut this company down and change the whole industry and set it back to 1970. Microsoft has done it right and the only the disgruntled companies that can not compete want the Government to penalize Microsoft for being successful. There are a lot of small business that rely on Microsoft and Windows to be the same always. If you do not know how important this is then you must be talking to lawyers and not Computer Developers and Users that were there when using a Computer was not this easy. Carl Odiam 760 343 3759 MTC-00007716 From: helen bloomquist To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/3/02 12:06am Subject: Microsoft Litigation I am in favor of the comprehensive agreement with Microsoft, and vote that the case be settled immediately, without further litigation. Helen Bloomquist MTC-00007717 From: Kurt A. Buechler To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/3/02 12:08am Subject: Microsoft Settlement Greetings, As a consumer, I am in support of the settlement of the DOJ lawsuit vs. Microsoft now on the table. In my opinion, the settlement is fair and should be enacted ASAP to assist the nation's economic recovery. I own no shares of Microsoft stock and share this opinion as a user of products and services of Apple, America Online, and Microsoft corporations. I am neither an employee nor beneficiary of Microsoft Corp. Sincerely, Kurt A. Buechler 127 Claiborne Cove Ridgeland, MS 39157 U.S.A. (601) 853-3638 Kurt A. Buechler Ridgeland, Mississippi U.S.A. MTC-00007718 From: [email protected]@inetgw To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/3/02 12:07am Subject: Microsoft Settlement Let the settlement stand as is and let's get this fiasco over with. I thought this country was about entrepreneurship and better mousetraps, etc, but it seems to be moving closer to mediocrity every day, the result of penalizing anyone who can do something better than others. End it. MTC-00007719 From: Richard Tackett To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/3/02 12:08am Subject: microsoft is a great company and has done nothing wrong!!!!!!!! microsoft is a great company and has done nothing wrong!!!!!!!! Rich Tackett 19811 Portal Plaza Cupertino, Calif. 95014 408 253-7810 MTC-00007720 From: Rev. Bill Mounce To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/3/02 12:08am Subject: Microsoft Judgement Sirs, I am an often frustrated but dedicated Windows' user. I have been since Windows 2.1. At times I hate it. But I DO NOT believe Microsoft should be prosecuted for anything. They have been successful because, while they are not perfect, NO ONE has anything better. I feel it is their competitors whining because they are incapable of building anything better that has caused this entire mess at the taxpayer's cost. It is utterly ridiculous. If the other programs were better. . . I would definitely use them. But alas they are not and yet they want Microsoft broken up to cripple the company. The impact on the PC world and business' everywhere would be catastrophic. Let's end this nonsense now and let Microsoft do what they do best. . . build programs for the struggling PC industry. And if anyone else can build a better ``mouse-trap'', we, the consumers will judge with out money. Thank you. Bill & Shandy Mounce Leesville, LA 71446 MTC-00007721 From: Andy West To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/3/02 12:09am Subject: Microsoft Settlement Greetings: I would like to comment on the proposed settlement to the Microsoft anti-trust case. I [[Page 24942]] have read that certain clauses in section III of the purposed settlement give Microsoft rights unusual for a guilty party. Section III (D), in which Microsoft must disclose information needed for the software of other companies to interoperate with Windows, specifies in its footnotes that only commercial businesses alone receive these disclosures. This in effect bars universities, research laboratories and agencies of the Federal government itself from such information. Section III (J)(2) gives the right to determine what constitutes a business--for the purpose of licensing APIs, documentation, or protocols--not to the Department of Justice but to Microsoft. This gives Microsoft leave to shut out not just non-commercial entities such as open-source projects, but even federal agencies in the course of their own software projects. These are the only two clauses I have read about, but these two alone give Microsoft too much power to determine how the keystone of its monopoly may be used. I would like to ask that the settlement be renegotiated on at least these two clauses, if not for the sake of the open-source movement, then for the sake of the agencies and projects of the Federal government itself. Sincerely, Mark Andrew West 202 East Washington Street Fairmount, Indiana 46928 Tel: 765-747-2919 (work) Email: [email protected] MTC-00007722 From: padam2 To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/3/02 12:09am Subject: microsoft settlement Please use taxdollars to do something usefull.Stop going after microsoft and use your intelect to stimulate the economy rather than forever piling up the fees paid to selfserving legal entrepeneurs.I am retired and will not visit any of the states that continue to oppose a microsoft settlement. MTC-00007723 From: [email protected]@inetgw To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/3/02 12:10am Subject: Microsoft Settlement I encourage you to get this settled. The economy won't start a full recovery until this is settled. Get it off the books! Susan M. Swenson MTC-00007724 From: [email protected]@inetgw To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/3/02 12:10am Subject: settlement it is time that the issue surrounding Microsoft be completed--if the Dept Of Justice has concluded thier tsettlement than the remaining states shoud follow suigt and stop wasting the taxpayers money--the iswsues of monoply may have some vaility to it--but the benenfit far outweighs the punishment. Sincerly Carl Sanders 200 Elm Street San Mateo. Ca. 94401 MTC-00007725 From: Khozem Poonawala To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/3/02 12:12am Subject: MicroSoft Settlement Microsoft, or any company for that matter, should have the freedom to innovate. The Microsoft case should be settled, now, once and for all. It is good for America and the american economy. Khozem Poonawala MTC-00007726 From: George Aubrey To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/3/02 12:21am Subject: about time This settlement should go forward and not delay causing more problems for the consumer. This lawsuit has caused enough problems by not allowing Microsoft freely develop their software. When Microsoft begins to gouge the consumer with high prices of their software then lets get them, in the meantime let the consumer call the shots. MTC-00007727 From: [email protected]@inetgw To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/3/02 12:12am Subject: Microsoft Settlement Dear DOJ, I believe that Microsoft deserves fair and unbiased treatment. I am a supporter of Windows and of Microsoft integrating features. When the computer companies started, I could not afford the great features of the Apple and had to stick with a Vic 20. While dating myself a bit, I found Microsoft to be the only company willing to bring computing down to a level I could afford and my family could understand. Please stop the nonsense. There are bigger fish such as Credit Card Companies that need to be stopped and Oil and Car companies that should be providing better alternatives and more fuel efficient cars. If you have any questions, please feel free to email back. Thank you, [email protected] MTC-00007728 From: [email protected]@inetgw To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/3/02 12:12am Subject: Microsoft Settlement I can accept the ruling of the court BUT I feel that in an open society we can only advance if we provide an environment that supports innovative business strategies. Microsoft started from the bottom and made many investors wealthy, companies successful and our nation a leader in the software development. We need to ask the WHY should we handicap the leadership of current and future companies like Microsoft and allow them to ride on the coat tails by taking legal action. I, as an INFORMED consumer, knew what I had bought and what the consequences of my decision . . . I assume the responsibility and accountability of my decisions . . . AND others need to do the same. Microsoft would not have grown if through individual research their products were rejected as occurred in many areas of technology. John Bucelato 301 Willards Way Yorktown, VA 23693 CC:[email protected]@inetgw MTC-00007729 From: David Watkins To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/3/02 12:13am Subject: no subject> Dear Sirs: I am anxious to see the case against Microsoft settled in a manner that is fair to all parties, and does not infringe upon Microsoft's freedom to innovate, to make creative use of a free market to aggressively market its widely used and superior products to the world. I feel that a quick and fair settlement to this case is in the best interest of the consumers and the economy of our country. Thank you for giving me this opportunity to express my opinion. Sincerely, David Watkins MTC-00007730 From: Alex Melli To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/3/02 12:15am Subject: My Opinion To who it may concern: Regarding the Anti-Trust case against Microsoft Corp., and the pending penalty phase, I would like to register my opinion. I do not agree with the penalties being assessed. The proposed penalties I've heard, involving Microsoft contributing loads of computers and software to schools is not appropriate for several reasons: --It is creating future users (i.e. customers) for Microsoft. It's like letting a drug company give a vitamin to schoolchildren, making them dependent on it and creating a future customer. --This is actually a bonus for Microsoft, giving them more inroads to the education market! --The penalty is a minor inconvenience at worst. For that corporation, it is the equivilent of a parking ticket. --The were found GUILTY of a violation, so the price to pay should be a proactive move to repair their damage AND make sure it does not happer further. --It is difficult to asses the value of any donated computers of software. Software should be assessed by physical cost of the product. So donating a single program does not count as $300, but the actual cost to the company, probably around $20. If Microsoft is to be properly penalized, one factor *should* be an educational donation. The order of money should be in the hundreds of millions (this is supposed to be a penalty, after all), and it should be a flat out cash payment. It should be left to the recipient of the money what to do with it, not the party being ``penalized.'' And why should the guilty part have any say in what their penalty is in the first place? Iif I think that speeding ticket is too much, do I have any choice? NO. The law dictates my punishment, and I'm bound to that. Just because Microsoft is the biggest player in the game, they are still a player, not the referee. BOTTOM LINE: Microsoft needs to be PENALIZED for being found GUILTY. And [[Page 24943]] on a final note, the arguement that breaking up Microsoft would have too big of an impact on the entire computer industry (and the economy) should be proof in itself that the company is a monopoly. . . Sincerely, Alex Melli Laguna Beach, California MTC-00007732 From: [email protected]@inetgw To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/3/02 12:16am Subject: (no subject) Microsoft is the Ford Motor Company of the computer business. It is a shale to penalize a company for being the forward looking and the brains of the industry. Shame on the justice department, our government penalizing a company for doing what is correct, for inventing their components for their use in order to better serve the public. Ed Logue [email protected] MTC-00007734 From: A. Bairamian To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/3/02 12:18am Subject: Microsoft Settlement. I support DOJ decision to settle the Microsoft lawsuit. This ill-advised lawsuit--instigated by jealous competitors and presided over by a biased judge--has caused great harm to Microsoft and the entire tech sector. It is time to end this useless lawsuit, so Microsoft can go back to producing and innovating. A. Bairamian Glendale, CA. MTC-00007735 From: David Demland To: Microsoft ATR Date: 1/3/02 12:17am Subject: Microsoft Comments Dear Mrs. Hesse, Here are my comments about the Microsoft settlement. David Demland 3506 E. Glenrosa Phoenix, AZ 85018 (602) 955-3248 [email protected]

This book constitutes the proceedings of the 7th International and Interdisciplinary Conference on Modeling and Using Context, CONTEXT 2011, held in Karlsruhe, Germany in September 2011.

The 17 full papers and 7 short papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 54 submissions. In addition the book contains two keynote speeches and 8 poster papers. They cover cutting-edge results from the wide range of disciplines concerned with context, including the cognitive sciences (linguistics, psychology, philosophy, computer science, neuroscience), the social sciences and organization sciences, and all application areas.

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